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The Day Third - Rouze Sevvom (2007)


During the Iran-Iraq War, a disabled young woman is taken captive by Iraqi Baathist forces in Khuzestan Province (in Southern Iran).

Her brother, along with his fellow combatants, tries to free his sister from the clutches of the enemy.

Cast: Puria Pursorkh, Baran Kosari, Borzou Arjmand, Hamed Behdad, Shahram Ghaedi, Mehid Sabaei, Malek Seraj, Majid Yaser, Morteza Zare
The Day Third - Rouze Sevvom (2007)

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Title: The Day Third - Rouze Sevvom (2007)
Directed by: Mohammad Hossein Latifi
Date of birth: 16 March 1963, Tehran, Iran
Writing credits: Mehdi Sajjadechi
Music by: Alireza Kohandairy

Country: Iran
Language: Farsi
Color: Color
Runtime: 90 min.

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