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Samad va sami, leila va leili (1972)


Sami and Lili are two youngsters who are tired of their dull lives in Tehran.

Samad and Leila on the other hand want to elope so that they can get married in the big city without the fear of their parents. 

At a gas station the two couples meet and realize that they look extremely alike...

Cast: Parviz Sayyad, Shahnaz Tehrani, Parvin Dolatshahi, Jahangir Forouhar, Enayat Bakhshi, Abdol-Ali Homayoon, Farokhlagha Hooshmand, Reza Shafi, Hasan Reziyani
Samad va sami, leila va leili (1972)

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Title: Samad va sami, leila va leili (1972)
Directed by: Parviz Sayyad
Date of birth: 1939 Lahijan, Iran
Writing credits: Parviz Sayyad
Music by: Mojtaba Mirzadeh

Country: Iran
Language: Farsi
Color: Black & White

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