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International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran
My Corona Days Tale
Avicii: True Stories • So wake me up when it's all over
An Icarus style portrait of a sensitive young man who was thrust too readily into the hedonistic world of the international music scene..
Movie Review :: The Macaluso Sisters
There's undeniable beauty and truth to The Macaluso Sisters that cannot be overlooked. Genuinely moving, captivating and, most importantly, grounded in pure, unadulterated humanism..
Samereh Rezaie • Actress and director
Afghan actress-director Samereh Rezaie talks about how important it is for the international community to continue supporting women and human rights in Afghanistan..
VENICE 2021 :: Orizzonti :: Promises :: Isabelle Huppert
Promises opened the Orizzonti line-up of the 78th Venice Film Festival - follows the current French film trend of broaching topics associated with public governance where..
Margrethe II, Queen of Denmark, hired to design set on new Netflix film
Queen of Denmark is to design the sets for a forthcoming Netflix film adapted from a novel by Karen Blixen, it has been announced..
‘Stillwater’ :: A tale of hard-earned second chances
Stillwater isn't perfect, but its thoughtful approach to intelligent themes -- and strong performances from its leads -- give this timely drama a steadily building power..
Persian Lessons :: Movie Review
Director Vadim Perelman creates a skilfully unfussy period style, avoiding genre cliches to focus on characters who are finely brought to life by an excellent cast..
‘Born a Champion’ :: A love letter to jiu-jitsu
Real-life Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Sean Patrick Flanery (The Boondock Saints) stars as an aging fighter pulled into an underground Dubai tournament..
August 20-28
Karlovy Vary 2021

Michael Caine to receive Crystal Globe at 2021 Karlovy Vary film festival. He will join Johnny Depp and Ethan Hawke at this year’s film festival in Karlovy Vary..
VENICE 2021 Competition
'Parallel Mothers' to open the 78th Venice Film Festival
The Spanish director, Pedro Almodóvar, who claims "It was in Venice, in 1983, that I was reborn as a director" will present his film..
Cannes 2021 :: ‘Titane’ Wins Palme d’Or
Julia Ducournau becomes only the second female director to claim Cannes' top prize. The grand jury prize was awarded to A hero, of Iranian Asghar Farhadi, and for Hyutti No. 6..
‘Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee’
Filmmaker Nanette Burstein tries to unravel the strange behavior of John McAfee, who left his life as a software mogul to become a recluse in the jungles of Belize..
Berlinale 2021 :: Souad :: Movie Review
'Souad' is remarkable not just for its razor- sharp, nonjudgmental insight, but also for the nuanced performances making each character rounded yet ultimately unknowable..
Berlinale 2021
Summer Special highlights

Cinema is back in Berlin! The Berlinale Summer Special opened on June 9 with a red carpet gala. Here are a few snapshots of the event. During the Summer Special from June 9-20..
CANNES 2021 :: ‘Year of the Everlasting Storm’
A sweeping and melancholic first trailer has arrived for Neon’s Secret Cannes Project, “The Year of the Everlasting Storm.” With films by Jafar Panahi, Anthony Chen, Malik Vitthal, ..
A New Book Reveals
Why Frank Sinatra believed Marilyn Monroe was murdered

"I tried to paint the portrait of a man very few people got to know as well as I did, I think he knew someday I'd share the stories he..
BERLINALE 2021 :: Awards :: 13 June :: 2 More Winners
The Berlinale adds two more winners to its list with Alice Diop’s We and Dasha Nekrasova’s The Scary of Sixty-First. The films scored the Awards for the Best Berlinale Documentary..
Netflix Declined Cannes Invite

Netflix Declined Invites to Premiere the Palme d'Or winner Jane Campion’s ‘The Power of the Dog’ and Andrew Dominik’s ‘Blonde’. Cannes general delegate Thierry Frémaux revealed..
CANNES 2021 :: 6 - 17 July
The Cannes behemoth is back

16 filmmakers who have already taken part in the competition are battling it out with eight new entrants; 14 Europeans will be vying for Cannes’ coveted top prize..
14th Annual Iranian Film Festival :: San Francisco
Call For Film Submissions Open For the 14th Annual Iranian Film Festival – San Francisco, the first independent Iranian film festival outside of Iran. To submit your film, please..
‘The Long Excuse’ :: Review
Writer-director Miwa Nishikawa’s somber reflection on the strains of marriage and parenthood is punctuated with beautiful existential undertones. Centered on liars and swindlers — self-deception is the theme of..
Putin: A Russian Spy Story :: TV Series (2020)
An exploration of how Vladimir Putin deployed his knowledge of spy-craft as a politician, and how modern Russia evolved through an acute sense of betrayal, pride and anger..
‘Driveways’ :: Review
Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

The modest story of a mother, her son and an elderly neighbor feels like a salve right now—and gives Brian Dennehy a deserving swan song. Understated yet powerful..
Spreading Propaganda Through Films and TV
Intelligence agencies in Iran are increasingly using state-funded entertainment productions to spread state propaganda and improve their image among the public..
'Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade' :: Clever and Chilling Anime
In an authoritarian Japan, Fuse, part of an anti-terrorist police brigade, faces an internal enquiry. On a recent operation he hesitated to kill a female terrorist because of her youth..
Golden Globe Winners 2021 ::
'Nomadland' director Chloé Zhao won Best Director, making history as the first woman of Asian descent to take home that award, while the film itself won Best Motion – Picture Drama; Soul, Borat, The Queen's Gambit..
'How Fernando Pessoa Saved Portugal' :: Eugène Green
For years Portugal was the only country in Europe where there was no Coca-Cola. The director discusses his new "mini-film," devoted to the great Portuguese poet, advertising..
Copenhagen 2021 :: Vinterberg's 'Druk' snatches Five Robert Statuettes
In the category, Vinterberg was, among other things, up against himself, as he was also nominated for his role in the film “Riders..
Zindagi Tamasha :: Circus of Life :: 2020
‘It went from love to wanting to kill me.’ Sarmad Khoosat was the darling of Pakistan’s entertainment industry until his new film fell foul of fundamentalists – who called for him..
'No Choice' :: Tokyo 2020
It’s a slippery path up the mountain of human rights. Three good women clash when a determined lawyer takes on the case of a homeless girl against an idealistic doctor in Reza Dormishian’s legal thriller..
'Wife of a Spy' :: An intriguing marital battle
Winner of the best director award at the Venice Film Festival. An absorbing, exotic, well-paced thriller with moments of disconcerting realism and horror. Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s..
"Actress's Ears" Put Film Screening in Jeopardy
Panthea Bahram, a famous Iranian actress, whose presence last year with shaved head at the press conference to a movie made news; reacted to the removal of "Killer and..
'Hope Gap' :: A Bracingly Original Drama
There's an unusual calmness to this drama that feels bracingly original. William Nicholson's Hope Gap benefits from a starry cast in the stagey story. Nighy and Bening are as good..
'Killer and Wild' removed from the Fajr Film Festival
A movie with Iranian actress Leila Hatami in the leading role was excluded from a major Film Festival event in Iran due to her 'shaved head and exposed ears' ..
Maria is a Greek policewoman, struggling with her money problems, teenage daughter, old mother.. Yussof is a Syrian rebel, on his way out of a war-ridden Syria. Both have killed unwantedly, both feel guilty, but together..
51st Edition Of IFFI 2021
The 51st edition of India’s International Film Festival (IFFI) kick started on 16th January at Goa, which opened with the Indian premier of the movie ‘Another Round’ by Thomas Vinterberg..
'Alone' :: Movie Review
"Alone" is admirably straightforward, exploring tried-and-true archetypes with suspenseful execution. Director John Hyams demonstrates a minimalistic knack for showing and not telling,..
'The Female Voice of Iran' :: Feature documentary 2020
Independent documentary about female singers inside Iran and their deep wish: "I want my voice to be heard." Captivating...beautiful music and stunning..
'The Father' :: Movie Review
Sundance: Florian Zeller's film makes an inexplicably cruel element of the human condition recognizable in a way that only good art can. Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman Inside the Brutal Matrix of Dementia..
‘Money Heist’ :: As smart as it is relentless
Like a criminal who has trapped themselves within a situation in which there’s no simple escape, Money Heist is a riveting, inescapable show with a narrative jackpot at the end of it..
'Vivos' :: Ai Weiwei's Mournful Ode to the Disappeared
Vivos is a documentary feature film by artist and filmmaker Ai Weiwei, portraying the human impact of Mexico’s ongoing crisis of enforced disappearances..
Family Romance, LLC (2020)
Love is a business at Family Romance, a company that rents human stand-ins for any occasion. Founder Yuichi Ishii helps make his clients’ dreams come true. But when the mother of 12-year-old Mahiro hires Ishii to..
'Let Him Go' (2020)
Kevin Costner excels in a gripping neo-western thriller. Let Him Go is a moving and gripping Western with particularly strong performances from Diane Lane as a grieving yet resolute mother and from Lesley Manville as her..
In Memoriam of Korean filmmaker Kim Ki-duk
In the small pool of filmmakers known for being provocative, Kim Ki-duk was the oddest of ducks. South Korean filmmaker Kim Ki-duk has died in Latvia aged 59 after contracting..
'The Life Ahead' (2020)
Loren has made it again! She's an absolute Goddess. The characters are colorful and empathetic, and even if the plot is simple, the cast keeps it up. Specially, Sophia Loren.. Sempre adorabile!
'What We Did on Our Holiday'
An exceedingly funny comedy that definitely borders on Black Comedy but still tinkers in the realm of being light hearted. It has a very kind of Outnumbered feel to it in which the kids play their innocence, yet brilliantly..
'Radiograph of a Family'
Iranian director Firouzeh Khosrovani triumphed at IDFA 2020 with her fourth film Radiograph of a Family, winning the main award in the IDFA Competition for Feature Length Documentary and the IDFA Competition for Creative Use of..
'Falling' :: Viggo Mortensen's Directorial Debut
A beautifully controlled drama about age, memory and forgiveness. Often abrasive, occasionally sweet, and sometimes grasping for transcendence, "Falling" doesn't feel like..
'Careless Crime' (2020) :: Movie Review
Iranian director Shahram Mokri, known for his single-shot films and his decided penchant for time-loops, achieves formalistic excellence in his latest effort..
Secrets of the Surface (2020)
Filmed in Canada, Iran, and the United States, 'Secrets of the Surface' examines the life and mathematical work of Maryam Mirzakhani, an Iranian immigrant to the United States who became a superstar in her field..
'Another Round' :: Review
Thomas Vinterberg reteams with "The Hunt" star for a darkly comic referendum on booze. Four friends, all high school teachers, test a theory that they will improve their lives by maintaining a constant level of alcohol in..
'There Is No Evil' :: Premiered at the 2020 Berlin Film Fest
Iranian filmmaker Mohammad Rasoulof's 'There Is No Evil' has triumphed at the 70th Berlinale, picking up the Golden Bear. The director himself was not present..
'Tesla' :: Sundance Review
A fascinating, if unconventional, look at the singular life of Nikola Tesla as played by Ethan Hawke. Appropriately bold and ambitious, Tesla takes a number of risks that don't always pay off -- but Ethan Hawke's performance..
Documenting the Struggle for Women's Rights in Iran
One of the women featured in this short documentary, Nasrin Sotoudeh is now serving a decades-long sentence in Evin Prison in Iran. Released alongside Jeff Kaufman's..
'Bacurau' :: A John Carpenter-Inspired Revenge Fantasy
A settlement in rural Brazil, a doctor (played by a gaunt and fierce Sônia Braga), a school, a (disused) church, even a brothel, but no sheriff. Something strange is happening..
TALE OF THE SEA :: Film Review
One of Iran's major filmmakers is at the top of his game with this Ingmar Bergman-esque meditation on old age. One man's madness as a metaphor for the surreal lives of a whole nation..
'Ordinary Love' :: There is nothing Ordinary about Love
"Ordinary Love" is not a movie solely about cancer. It is a raw, on-screen adaptation of what hundreds of couples experience when their limits are tested - physically, mentally..
13th Annual Iranian Film Festival :: San Francisco
Call For Entries Open for the 13th Annual Iranian Film Festival – San Francisco, the first independent Iranian film festival outside of Iran..
'1982' :: Premiered at TIFF :: 2019
During the 1982 invasion of Lebanon at a private school on the outskirts of Beirut, 11-year-old Wissam tries to tell a classmate about his crush on her..
'The Perfect Candidate' :: Haifaa al-Mansour :: 2019
For Haifaa al-Mansour, it's an opportunity to reflect on the progress made by courageous women like her. A message movie admirable for its subtlety as well as its execution..
'The Truth :: La Vérité' :: 2019
At 76, Catherine Deneuve can still blow all-comers off a cinema screen, and she does exactly that in Hirokazu Kore-eda's Truth, which playfully explores the vexed relationship between..
'Paddleton' :: An Awkward Embrace With Fragile Masculinity
A drily ambling exploration of masculinity and overcoming self-imposed barriers. An unlikely bromance between two misfit neighbors..
'The Lunchbox (DABBA)' :: Cannes Review
Cinema loses giant Irrfan Khan to cancer and we take a look at the tenderness of his performance in The Lunchbox. It's carried off with charm and wit, and a pair of very..
'This Beautiful Fantastic' :: An Oddball Modern-Day Fairy Tale
A charming, beautifully photographed modern fairy tale about love and gardening, This Beautiful Fantastic is worth seeing in spite of its dumb deterrent of a title..
'Bombshell' :: #MeToo docudrama
Bombshell benefits from a terrific cast and a worthy subject, but its impact is muffled by a frustrating inability to go deeper than the sensationalistic surface..
'Just Mercy' :: Law Drama Inspired by True Events
Just Mercy dramatizes a real-life injustice with solid performances, a steady directorial hand, and enough urgency to overcome a certain degree of earnest advocacy..
'Imitation of Life' :: A Melodramatic Torrent of Rage
Douglas Sirk unleashed a melodramatic torrent of rage at the corrupt core of American life - the unholy trinity of racism, commercialism, and puritanism..
'Adopt a Highway' :: Movie review
Logan Marshall-Green's directorial debut stars Ethan Hawke as a sweet ex-con who finds new purpose when he discovers a baby in a dumpster..
'Away':: A beautifully crafted minimalist adventure
Latvian filmmaker Gints Zilbalodis has written, animated, designed, edited, directed, and composed the music for his feature debut himself, with impressive results..
'Live Twice, Love Once' :: Movie review
An award-winner in Spain, 'Live Twice, Love Once' is a mature film that deals effectively with both family separation and reconciliation in sorrowful times..
A Writer Named Tove :: CPH:DOX 2020
A mosaic portrait of the Danish writer and poet Tove Ditlevsen. The self-confident and outspoken author, and the fragile woman behind the books..
'Arab Blues' :: An Entertaining Tunisian Culture-Clash Comedy
Mildly amusing froth, kept all the more buoyant by Farahani's deadpan reactions and immensely watchable face and fine comic..
'Donbass' :: Brutally powerful and brilliantly filmed
In its own absurdist way, it does shed some light on just what the war did to the lives - and sensibilities - of civilians caught up in the nightmare. It illustrates man's inhumanity..
The Flu That Killed 50 Million :: More Deadly Than War
In 1918, as the Armistice bells rang out across the world to celebrate the end of World War I, a silent killer made its way home with the soldiers - Spanish flu...
'Uzak' (Distant) :: The Art of Slow Cinema
Hauntingly beautiful, 'Distant' communicates volumes with its almost pervasive silence. Ceylan contrasts rich and poor, educated and uneducated. But the quest for love remains..
BERLINALE 2020 Awards :: Rasoulof's There Is No Evil triumphs at the Berlinale
Iranian filmmaker Mohammad Rasoulof's 'There Is No Evil' has triumphed at the 70th Berlinale, picking up the Golden Bear..
'The Sea Inside' :: Bardem is simply astounding
If ever there was a film that deserved to get the proverbial bump from Oscar, this is it. Rarely has any film so focused on death felt so vibrantly alive..
'PARI' :: Review :: BERLINALE 2020 Panorama
The debut feature by Siamak Etemadi, world-premiered in the Panorama section of the 70th Berlinale, depicts an Iranian mother's compelling journey in a foreign place..
'Wildland' :: Interview :: World premiere at the Berlinale
In 'Wildland', we follow a small family clan where love and violence become dangerously merged. In the interview, they talk about how they created the narrative, how they use..
Berlinale 2020 :: 11 films to look out for
Screen Daily picks out just a few of the stand-out titles playing at the event, from across the Competition, Berlinale Special, and Panorama sections..
Mahnaz Afshar :: 'Die Hochzeit'
The Iranian superstar Mahnaz Afshar was at the world premiere of the new Til Schweiger film "Die Hochzeit". She flew to Berlin for Schweiger and experienced a free wedding ceremony on the red carpet..
'RAAZI' :: Movie Review
Despite its shortcomings, Raazi has a lot going for it, especially its leading lady. If you are willing to suspend your imagination a bit, it can make for a fulfilling watch. The story of a Kashmiri spy married to a Pakistani man..
'The Two Popes' :: Movie Review
Superbly acted and a lot of fun to watch. Can two Catholic men share the Papacy without driving each other crazy? The Two Popes is a wonderful showcase of great acting..
As Lean experienced Khomeini's Arrival
Lean Waage Beck tells about her experiences as a sister-in-law to the revolutionary Foreign Minister of Iran. About the Iranian Revolution, also described in her book "Tehran Round-Trip"..
'Pain and Glory' :: Movie Review
The Spanish filmmaker's tale of a memory, regret and an aging director making peace with his past isn't just his most personal film — it's also one of his greatest..
SUNDANCE 2020 :: Massoud Bakhshi :: Interview
Iranian filmmaker Massoud Bakhshi discusses Yalda, a Night for Forgiveness, a majority European production recognised in Sundance and on its way to the Berlinale..
Oscars 2020 :: 'Parasite' wins in four categories
For the first time in history of the Oscars Parasite, an international film, Wins in four categories. Parasite, a South Korean black comedy thriller film directed by Bong Joon-ho..
SUNDANCE 2020 :: 'Yalda, a Night for Forgiveness'
The future of a young woman facing retributive justice plays out live on the country's most popular reality show..
'Reaching for the Moon' :: 'The art of losing isn't hard to master'
An exotic love story becomes an empowering portrait of two highly gifted women who defy social convention. The life of American Poet..
'Things to Come' :: A Rare, Mature film of Ideas
Visually arresting, but never precious, it's filled with ideas that have relevance to actual life, ideas that are based on a moral conviction that a question well-posed is far more..
'Madame' :: A cute inversion of the Cinderella tale
Madame's retrograde trappings are further weighted down by unlikable characters and an overall inability to do justice to its themes. Rossy de Palma, a past muse of Spanish..

‘Botox’ :: Film Review
Shanghai International Film Festival 2021

Revolving around two women — one autistic, the other a beautician who gives the film its title — who take matters into their own hands when a dramatic event suddenly removes their brother Emad from the story, Botox is a hard film to second-guess....
Coming event:
14th Annual Iranian Film Festival | San Francisco 2021

Call For Film Submissions Open For the 14th Annual Iranian Film Festival – San Francisco, the first independent Iranian film festival outside of Iran. To submit your film, please...
180° Rule :: Khate Farzi
Film Review | TIFF 2020

Inspired by true events and marking the beginning of a trilogy about secrets and lies, 180° Rule is the debut feature from writer-director Farnoosh Samadi. Samadi’s piercing family drama plunges into the pitfalls of tradition, providing a glimpse into the customary Iranian family structure...
'TiTi' :: Film Review | Tokyo 2020
Fresh moments amid the conventions

Iranian director Ida Panahandeh directs actress Elnaz Shakerdoost in another taboo-breaking performance as a Roma surrogate mother. The film’s theme is the role selflessness plays in a person’s life — caring about other people and humanity at large versus one's own little orchard...
"Love Letters from the Middle East"
K. Moradi and P. Azarbayjani‘s devastating Love Letters

A trio of monologues about the plight of women affected by the upheaval in Afghanistan and Iraq. Featuring an Iraqi woman trying to negotiate a complicated immigration system in England, an Afghani burn victim looking for international financial assistance for reconstructive surgery, and the wife of an American solider...
Friendship The Documentary | Refaghat, Yek Mostanad
A documentary regarding the artistic life of Googoosh

"Googoosh is a legendary Iranian singer and actress whose career spans over 60 years across music and film, with her first appearance on stage being when she was just 3 years old. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, she played and starred in numerous successful blockbuster films and in 1968, she released her first single...
"African Violet" (2019)
Humanity Blooms in All Its Complex Glory

While some specifics of Iranian culture are on display, African Violet is universal in its approach to everyday people and their daily lives. The story begins simply enough, with a woman, Shokoo, discharging an older man from an assisted living facility...
Suddenly A Tree :: Movie Review
Personal narratives run deep at Persian Film Festival

Suddenly A Tree, written and directed by Safi Yazdanian for big screen, is a completely different movie with a different style than his first feature What's The Time In Your World. Set during the Iran-Iraq War, Farhad (Payman Maadi) is arrested and imprisoned after trying to emigrate illegally with his partner...
Winners of the 2020 ‘Sepanta Awards'
Iranian Film Festival (IFF) San Francisco

Family drama "Labyrinth" was the top winner at the 13th Annual Iranian Film Festival - San Francisco by receiving awards in four categories, including best film and best director. The winners were announced virtually last Friday. Also due to the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, the festival ran virtually this year....
Dance With Me • Movie Review
A Refreshing and Poetic Film from Iranian Cinema

A movie that stands well on its own feet as an independent film like brilliant movie such as Saeed Roustayi’s Just 6.5 and Houman Seyyedi’s Sheeple. A group of old friends reunites when one of them (Ali Mosaffa, The Last Step) falls gravely ill in this Iranian ensemble dramedy....
TALE OF THE SEA • Film Review
The Iranian filmmaker's most personal and touching film to date

One of Iran's major filmmakers is at the top of his game with this Ingmar Bergman-esque meditation on old age. One man’s madness as a metaphor for the surreal lives of a whole nation...
Coming: 13th Annual Iranian Film Festival
San Francisco: September 19-20, 2020

Call For Entries Open for the 13th Annual Iranian Film Festival – San Francisco, the first independent Iranian film festival outside of Iran...
In Remembrance of Farzaneh Taidi
A Prominent Iranian Actress Dies in Exile at 75

Those of us who recall the pre-revolutionary Iranian cinema would remember her as a daring artist with a theatre background who preferred avant-garde roles such as “The eighth day of the week” for which she won the then prestigious Iranian Sepaas award...
The Oath (Ghasam) (2019)
A woman organizes a busload of relatives to testify against her sister’s presumed murderer in Mohsen Tanabandeh’s drama...
'Bahram Beyzaie' • A Mosaic Of Metaphors
Bahram Beyzaie is one of the great filmmakers of Iran with an impressive body of work. Thanks to Bahman Maghsoudlou, It’s now time for the world to get to know Bahram Beyzaei...
Lovely Trash | Ashghal-haye Doost Dashtani (2019)
Following protests to the presidential election in 2009, an elderly woman has one night to clear her house of any politically troublesome belongings of her family...
'Shahla Riahi' • First Iranian Female filmmaker and actress dies at 92
Actress Shahla Riahi, who presented herself as Iran’s first female director in 1957 by making “Marjan”, died of Alzheimer’s in Tehran on Tuesday. She was 93...
Axing | Darkoob (2018)
Winner of the 2019 ‘Sepanta Awards’

An addict woman has been told that she has lost her child, and her husband has abandoned her for starting a new life, she finds them and gets in the middle of their new happy life!...
Kianoush Ayari's film "Paternal House" was again banned!
Kianoush Ayari's film "The Paternal House" was again banned. The conservative opposition has called it anti-Iranian and anti-religious. Proponents have praised the film, while some others consider the basement where the girl's body is buried as a symbol of secrecy in society...
'Just 6.5' ('Metri Shesh-o Nim') (2019)
One of the top titles presented at the Fajr Film Festival's Iranian Film Market, Just 6.5 (Metri Shesh-o Nim) walks the razor’s edge of spiraling tension as ambiguous good-bad cop Samad (Payman Maadi) slyly maneuvers the kingly young drug lord Nasser (Navid Mohammadzadeh) into his trap...
Tickets on Sale Now:
12th Annual Iranian Film Festival – San Francisco

Iranian Film Festival - San Francisco, the first independent Iranian film festival outside of Iran will present a record breaking 50 films at its 12th annual event. The films range from fiction, documentary, animation, short....to music video...
Saedi: Freedom and Other Maladies (2016)
The documentary film focuses on the last four years of Gholam-Hossein Saedi's life in Paris, at the peak of his suffering, painfully aware that he would die in exile. It depicts Saedi's restless passion and heartbroken demise based on letters that he wrote over the years...
Kiarostami foundation
Restores Movies for Worldwide Screenings

TEHRAN – The Abbas Kiarostami Foundation announced on Wednesday that it has completed the restoration of a large lineup of his films for screening worldwide. The lineup includes all the short films he made for the Institute for...
Film Review: ‘We Like You Miss Yaya’
Miss Yaya Is Absolutely Not A Comedy

"We Like You, Ms. Yaya" is Abdolreza Kahani's 11th film. For the second time in a career that has been marked by repeated troubles with censorship, the director has chosen to work outside of Iran, and shot his film in Thailand...
Cold Sweat (Aragh-e Sard) (2018)
Screening in LA

Like many Iranian films of late, this one depicts a society plighted by inertia and helplessness, especially for women treated as less than equal by the law. Even for a star athlete — and one has brought honor to her country — victory is forever out of reach...
Film Review: ‘Sheeple’
An Iranian Crime-Family Drama of Explosive Originality

Navid Mohammadzadeh is powerful as a nattering drug pusher sunk in torment in an Iranian crime-family drama of explosive originality. Well-deserving of exposure to international audiences who, however, will have to adjust their ideas about soft-spoken Iranian drama...
At UCLA Celebration of Iranian Cinema

'Bomb, a Love Story' is about love and war, or better to say, how cruelty of war helps blossoming of a love. 'Bomb, a Love Story' will be screened on May 10, 2019 – 7:30 pm at Billy Wilder Theater as part of UCLA Celebration of Iranian Cinema...
Call for Entries Open for:
The 12th Annual Iranian Film Festival - San Francisco

The 12th Annual Iranian Film Festival - San Francisco, a showcase for the independent feature and short films made by or about Iranians from around the world, is inviting the filmmakers from all over the world to submit their films for the next edition taking place in September 2019 in San Francisco...
UCLA Film Archive
UCLA Celebration of Iranian Cinema 2019

UCLA Film Archive continues its long tradition of celebrating the best cinema from Iran and the Iranian diaspora with the latest edition of its annual survey of works by Iranian filmmakers, past and present...
None of Your Business | Va Kas Che (2019)
Kamran Heidari's latest documentary film

A documentary film regarding the life and death of Ebrahim Monsefi, mostly known as Ebram; a popular southern Iranian guitar player, singer and poet. He was born 70 years ago in Bandar-Abbas and had suffered such a sad end that made it almost impossible for one to tell if he had committed suicide or died a natural death...
'Two patches of clouds' (2018)
Mehrshad Karkhani's seventh feature length movie

According to the director, the subject of this movie is not only the lost things, but also the people getting lost, an issue that is rooted in the contemporary history of our country. Mehrshad Karkhani's new film will be screened in Art & Experience cinematic group...
PIG | Khook - Film Review
Mani Haghighi's Brilliant Dark Comedy

This brilliant dark comedy should not come as a surprise, as Mani Haghighi, its writer and director, has been making a steady progress in his filmmaking. From Men at Work to Modest Reception and then A Dragon Arrives, he has shown interest in dark humor that puts the viewers on the edge of their seats...
'Tala (Gold)' (2019)
Parviz Shahbazi's latest feature film

‘Tala (Gold)’ is a star-filled film at the helm of Parviz Shahbazi that is competing for Crystal Simorgh at the 37th Fajr Film Festival. Rambod Javan is hopeful for ‘Tala (Gold)’ to grab various nominations at the festival...
Fajr Film Festival 2019
The 37th edition of the Fajr Film Festival

The 37th edition of the Fajr Film Festival kicked off on January 30, 2019, and will run until February 11 in Tehran.Three films have been screened on the first day of the 37th Fajr Film Festival (FFF) in the Iranian capital Tehran...
House of Paper (2017)
A feature film by Mehdi Sabbaghzadeh

The death of a fellow writer and the return of a lover from abroad inspires a famous journalist to return to work with his daughter as the two investigate the mafia and political corruption - an investigation which will put them both in grave danger...
A Tribute to Hossein Erfani
Voice of Bogart in Dubbed Movies

One of the greatest Iranian voice actors Hossein Erfani died last year due to lung cancer. He was 76. Erfani was born on July 27, 1942 in Tehran. He acted in numerous films and series and for over five decades he dubbed voices of many renowned Iranian and international movie characters ...
Majan (2017)
Rahman Seifi Azad's First Feature Film

‘Majan’, meaning dear mom in some Persian accents, is a social drama about a couple who must deal with the challenge of raising their ill child. Shot in Tehran and north Iran, ‘Majan’ went on screen for the first time at the Iran Cinema Perspective section of the Fajr Film Festival in its 35th edition...
Song of Exile (2016)
A contemplation on longing and the ‘Wound’ of Exile

'Exile' is like standing naked before a rapidly alienating world. With his stories about alienation and longing, the Iranian writer Nasim Khaksar is constantly ripping open the wound called 'exile'. In the film the writer takes the reversed path he took almost 35 years ago...
Rainy Seasons (2010)
Set in the rarely seen world of Iranian middle class youth, this is a gritty urban drama of modern teenage life in Teheran today. Sina, a 16-year-old teenager from Teheran’s middle class, experiences a new life on the verge of his parents’ divorce...
Parviz (2012)
Iranian writer-director Majid Barzegar's second feature

Under alien conditions, the normally mild-mannered Parviz begins to discover the more forceful aspects of his personality. In discovering the violent power he can yield he begins to show his father and the other residents that they cannot cast him out of their lives so easily...
12th Annual Iranian Film Festival – San Francisco
Call For Entries Open for the 12th Annual Iranian Film Festival – San Francisco, the first independent Iranian film festival outside of Iran. Last year, the festival presented films ranging from fiction, documentary, animation, short, children, music video….to experimental...
Parallel Shadows | Sayehay movazi (2016)
Iranian writer-director Asghar Na'imi's third feature

"Parallel Shadows" is a free adaptation from Fyodor Dostoevsky's "A Gentle Creature" directed by Asghar Na'imi and played by Shahab Hosseini, Abolfazl Pourarab, Samira Hassanpour and Hadis Foladvand. It tells the story of a single and depressed man cut off from his past, who is trying to find out...
In Memory of Ali Moallem & Aref Lorestani
Ali Moallem, film producer, publisher and managing director and editor-in-chief of Donya-ye-Tasvir (Picture World) magazine and Iranian comedian Aref Lorestani, the renowned TV actor died both of cardiac arrest in the same year...
SHEEPLE | The Little Rusty Brains (2018
A True Master Class of Acting!

The story of a gang of drug dealers in the south of Tehran who has sheltered many youngsters and orphans from the streets. Shahin and Shakoor who are brothers are leading the gang but when it is collapsed creates a crisis in their family and their lives...
Vahid Jalilvand talks about
"No Date, No Signature", Iran’s Oscar Entery

“No Date, No Signature”, directed by Vahid Jalilvand is Iranian entry for Best Foreign language Film Award. “No Date, No Signature” has been quite successful in film festival circuits by winning numerous awards...
Another Time | Zamani Digar (2018)
Iranian writer-director Nahid Hassanzadeh's first feature

Directed by Nahid Hassanzadeh, ‘Another Time’ tells the story of Ghadir who is a chemical plant worker going through a hard time. After protesting against being unpaid for over a year, he is arrested during a demonstration and imprisoned without trial...
Godfrey Cheshire's Interview with
Legendary Iranian cinematographer Mahmoud Kalari

When Asghar Farhadi’s A Separation became the first Iranian film to win the Oscar for Best Foreign-Language Film of 2012, it gave the world a look at the work not only of one of Iran’s most acclaimed writer-directors but also of an Iranian cinematographer whose skills have contributed to dozens of important films of...
A Canary, A Crow (2017)
A woman, a man and a rifle in one house

This is the directortial debut of prolific novelist and screenwriter Asghar Abdollahi. Through her husband’s negligence a woman is blinded in one eye. Angry and ashamed, she refuses to venture outside. There is a chronic...
‘Master actor’ of Iranian cinema dies at the age of 94
Legendary veteran Iranian actor dies at 94

Ezzatollah Entezami, one of the most prominent actors of the Iranian cinema and theater, who was named ‘master actor’ in his memoirs written by Hushang Golmakani, died on Friday at the age of 94...
Tickets on Sale Now:
The 11th Annual Iranian Film Festival - San Francisco

Iranian Film Festival - San Francisco, the first independent Iranian film festival outside of Iran, which showcases independent feature and short films made by or about Iranians from around the world, will present 48 films at its 11th annual event...
Amir (2018)
Karlovy Vary IFF 2018 - East of the West - Competition

Amir is a film about contemporary Iran, about a generation whose private lives are determined more by the rules of society than by their own will. Nima Eghlima’s feature debut is a film about a contemporary Iranian generation that is subject to so many rules there’s no room for free will...
Wake Up, Arezoo! | Bidar show, Arezoo!
Just after the Bam earthquake of December 2003, a woman, Reyhaneh, emerges screaming from the rubble of her house, thinking that no-one else in there has survived. Director Kianoush Ayari's story of human tragedy and survival...
The Time I came Back! (GHASHANG & FARANG )(2016)
Bahram and Hamid are living with their mothers, Ghashang and Farang. Bahram is a film critic and Hamid, a dentist who is not well committed to his wife. This is why, his wife has left for France with the excuse of higher education....
Razor’s Edge: The Legacy of Iranian Actresses
An examination of the work and lives of actresses in the Iranian film industry prior to the 1979 revolution, featuring myriad interviews and rare film clips...
Vida Ghahremani
Legendary Iranian Actress leaves our world

Today the legendary Iranian-American actress Vida Ghahremani passed away after battling cancer for many years. She went beyond taboos of her time to have the very first...
Iranian Veteran Actor dies at 88
Nasser Malek-Motiei, Iranian Veteran Actor, who appeared in over 100 movies and TV series, in most of which he played the roles of virile characters, died at Tehran’s Aatieh Hospital on Friday night, he was 88...
Bridge OF Sleep | Pol-e Khaab (2016)
Tehran-born writer-director Oktay Baraheni's first feature

Oktay Baraheni's first feature, the social drama 'Bridge of Sleep', freely adapts Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment and transposes it to contemporary Iran...
Call for Entries Open for:
The 11th Annual Iranian Film Festival - San Francisco

San Francisco: The 11th Annual Iranian Film Festival - San Francisco, a showcase for independent feature and short films made by or about Iranians from around the world, is inviting the filmmakers from all over the world to submit their films to the next edition taking place in September 2018..
Bomb, A Love Story (2018)
Payman Moaadi's Second feature film

‘Bomb, a Love Story’ is the story of those people who were not given the opportunity to fall in love, live, work and fulfil their lives as they deemed fit. The story of people caught up in the tyranny of time and place, but whose unfulfilled desires and dreams still haunt us...
Dressage (2018) • Film Review
winner of a special mention in Berlin’s Generation 14plus

An Iranian teenage girl takes part in a robbery but the fun ends there in Pooya Badkoobeh’s moral drama, which won a special mention in Berlin’s Generation 14plus sidebar. This first feature by Pooya Badkoobeh, who has made a career directing TV commercials, plunges deeply into the muddled, exasperating world of teenagers..
Mohamad Ali Keshavarz
Special Honor for His 88th Birthday

Newly established Shahrak Cineplex in Tehran hosted a ceremony on Friday to honor the veteran actor Mohammad-Ali Keshavarz on the occasion of his 88th birthday. One of the most experienced and prominent living actors of Iranian cinema...
Gholam (2017)
Shahab Hosseini delivers a nuanced performance

'Gholam' is the debut feature from award-winning Iranian artist and filmmaker Mitra Tabrizian, in collaboration with Cyrus Massoudi. Shahab Hosseini plays Gholam, a taciturn immigrant who works as a minicab driver by night and mechanic by day...
The Bright Day | Rooz-e Roshan (2013)
One of the Best ever Iranian first feature Films

Farhoudi (Pantea Bahram), is a teacher who wants to prevent the father of a student from being unjustly sentenced for homicide: her mission is to convince the witnesses to testify in favor of the accused. She must prove that...
Italy Italy | Italia Italia (2017)

"Italy Italy" is full of cinematic and literary references. In spite of it's claim of being adapted from Jhumpa Lahiri's novel of the same name, there are also references to Khaled Hosseini's last published work, Dariush Mehrjui's "Hamoun", along with the presence of some figures from Iranian cinema...
The Sale (2014)
Screened at the 21st Vesoul International Film Festival

Forough is a middle aged woman whose husband has temporarily married with another woman. Even though that was kept secret from her, but his action is considered legal in Iran. Now the husband is in prison, due to not being able to pay second wife’s..
Mani Haghighi’s new Film "Pig"
to Compete for Golden Bear Award at Berlinale

Directed and produced by Mani Haghighi, Pig will have its world premiere at the Berlinale. The story centers on Hasan, a filmmaker, who thinks he is the best in the country but has problems with making his new film...
Subdued (2017)
Story of a woman going through a nervous breakdown

Nematollah’s smart direction, the stunning cinematography by Farshad Mohammadi and Hatami’s electric performance have all won raves for a film that has become one of the biggest box office and critical hits of the year in Iran...
Israfil (2017)
Screened at the London Film Festival

Director Ida Panahandeh's follow-up to the brilliant 'Nahid' has screened at the London Film Festival and the Fajr Film Festival where it premiered. When Mahi’s son dies in a car accident, Behrouz who has returned to Iran to sell his properties, attends the funeral. Their old romance catches up while...
AZAR (2017)
AZAR creates a lousy cliche for an independent woman

Azar, a new feature drama from Iranian Cinema, carries the name of its main female character. Azar (Niki Karimi) does not accept a temporary divorce even if it could save her husband from execution, while she has been a witness of his husband’s innocence...
The Girl’s House (2015)
Nominated for Grand Prix – Tokyo Film Festival

Written by the celebrated Parviz Shahbazi, the movie is about a girl who commits suicide a day before her wedding. Her friends are shopping excitedly for the grand event when somebody calls and tells them that the bride is dead and the wedding is over...
Avalanche | Bahman (2015)
A wonderful performance from Motamed-Aria

Homa is assigned a 10-day night shift to take care of an old woman while her treating doctor is away. A huge snowstorm has hit the country and is causing havoc throughout the city. As the nights go by, she has trouble sleeping...
Invasion (2017)
In a very long eclipse of the sun, an unknown disease has been widespread. Ali is accused of the murder of Saman in a club and the police is going to stage a reconstruction of the murder...
Untaken Paths (2017)
Director Tahmineh Milani's new film takes on the challenging topic of violence against women and women's depiction in cinema. She is no stranger to stories of marital struggles for women. It is a theme that has run across her filmography...
Under the Smoky Roof (2017)
A new movie by Pouran Derakhshandeh

Under the Smoky Roof, is the story of a broken family, Shirin who has problems with her husband and child is searching for a way to communicate with them and solve her family problems but she can not succeed in that so reaches a crisis...
My Brother, Khosrow (2017)
Khosrow (Shahab Hosseini) who is a bi-polar is forced to live in his brother’s house Nasser, as his guardian and sister goes abroad for a while. The brothers soon find themsleves in friction due to the challenging behavior of Khosrow and quesrionable moral decisions by Nasser...
Risk of Acid Rain (2015)
Another Negah-e No film featuring the poet Shams Langaroudi

The latest debut Iranian film by Writer-Director Behtash Sanaeeha, Risk of Acid Rain is a riot of an impassive but gorgeous imagery painted with the distinctive colors of loneliness suffered by an elder man struggling to attain the emotional stability in...
Malaria (2016)
'Malaria' serves as a technologically innovative interpretation of a situation provoked by traditional religious sensibilities. After being turned away by multiple establishments for being an unmarried couple, Hanna and Murry seek refuge at the house of Azi, an aspiring rock musician......
Atom Heart Mother’ (2014)
Pitched somewhere between dream and reality, Ali Ahmadzadeh’s film is a surreal tale of two party girls and their close encounter with … the devil? “Atom Heart Mother” along with Shahram Mokri’s “Fish & Cat,” represents an exciting example of Iranian independent filmmaking, one that inspires hope for the future...
‘No Date, No Signature’ • Venice Film Festival Review
Iranian cinema continues to draw large audiences at festivals, and Vahid Jalilvand’s second feature ‘No Date, No Signature’ (‘Bedoune Tarikh, Bedoune Emza’) was much applauded at its Venice Horizons bow...
The Buffalo narrates the story of a couple who plan to leave country after committing a theft. They go to the northern port city of Anzali to meet a man who is to smuggle them across the border. However, the meeting does not go off well...
A report on Iranian film 'Take Off'
Ifilm exclusive report on Iranian film 'Take Off' starring Mostafa Zamani, Pegah Ahangarani, Reza Yazdani.. and directed by Ehsan Abdipour whom Ifilm managed to catch in the location of his new movie and ask him about his inspiration for making ‘Take Off’...
Mountain | Monte (2016)
"Mountain" or "Monte" in Italian, has been selected out of competition at the 73rd annual Venice International Film Festival where Amir Naderi has received Venice's Jaeger-Lecoultre Glory To The Filmmaker Award 2016...
Hey, Humans (Ay Adamha) (2015)
Through the charity organization, “Chain of Hope”, a team of volunteer Iranian and French medical doctors treat underprivileged child patients from all over Iran in three branches of cardiac, orthopaedics and rehabilitation to the highest standards...
10th Annual Iranian Film Festival - San Francisco
Welcome to the 10th Annual Iranian Film Festival – San Francisco. This year, the festival presents 40 films from Iran, USA, Italy, France, Canada. We are happy and proud to continue our mission to discover and support the next generation of Iranian filmmakers living and working around the world...
A Man of Integrity | Lerd (2017)
‘Lerd’ tells the story of a couple who have retired to the countryside but whose land is coveted by a private company. Iranian filmmaker Mohammad Rasoulof's "A Man of Integrity" won the Un Certain Regard competition at the Cannes film festival on Saturday...
Finals | Emtehan-e Nahaaee (2016)
The premise of director Adel Yaraghi’s latest film, Finals, was conceived of by the late Abbas Kiarostami, who took Yaraghi under his wing in his last years and assisted him in writing the screenplay. Much of the visual strategy found in Finals is reminiscent of Kiarostami’s work...
THE SIS | Abji (2016)
Tala and Ati (Sis) are a mother and daughter who have lived together for many years; almost 50 years, as long as the life of Sis. Their situation, however, does not last long, and the days of separation arrive...
A House on 41st Street (2016)
A middle-class family in Tehran falls apart when brother kills brother over a bounced check, in director Hamid Reza Ghorbani’s A House on 41st Street. A drama that starts low-key and gradually moves into complex psychological and moral territory...
Two | Do (2015)

Bahman returns from Europe to put his late father’s house in order. The maid, Pari, hired by Bahman’s cousin, arrives to help him out. Hired against his will, he finds her intrusion annoying. When Pari needs his help, the isolated Bahman must decide whether to get involved...
MRS. | Khanoom (2014)
This episodic movie shows the life of three women who despite belonging to different social classes, have similar personal problems. This first feature film by Tina Pakravan is a clear reflection of how women in Tehran deal with their problems and how they overcome them...
'24 Frames': The Last Film by Abbas Kiarostami
It is utterly about endings, but also about eternity. It’s also about Iranian censorship laws, since it breaks three of them: a woman appears with her hair uncovered, a woman sings by herself, and a woman and a man kiss...
Iranian Film Festival in Zurich To honor Dariush Mehrjui
Veteran Iranian filmmaker Dariush Mehrjui will be honored for his lifetime achievements during the 3rd Iranian Film Festival in Zurich, Switzerland...
Interview • Ali Soozandeh • Director of Tehran Taboo
Cineuropa have interviewed Iranian filmmaker Ali Soozandeh, who is competing with his first feature Tehran Taboo, produced by Germany and Austria, in the Critics' Week of the 70th Cannes Film Festival...
Reza Mirkarimi • Interview (2017)
Iranian filmmaker Reza Mirkarimi has been working as the director of the Fajr IFF in Tehran since 2015. Cineuropa chatted to him at the gathering about how the festival has changed over the years...
Life Achievement Award for Noureddin Zarrinkelk
A tribute to legendary Iranian/American animation director, writer and illustrator. Born on April 10, 1937 in Iran, Zarrinkelk founded the first school of Animation, which later merged with the prestigious faculty of fine art of Farabi University...
Life+1 Day (Abad va Yek Rooz) (2016)
The graphic account of a poverty-stricken family living in Tehran through the days before the youngest daughter of the family, Somaieh, is departing to start her marriage to a supposedly rich Afghan...
Paat (2016)
A dog bears silent witness to various human-societal ills in this modest but accomplished drama. This episodic narrative with one furry running thread is a modest, compact enterprise that should continue successfully traveling the fest circuit, perhaps picking up an award or two to bolster eventual home-format outreach to Iranian cinema fans offshore..
‘Havana File’ (Parvandeh-ye Havana)
Produced in 2006, and banned by the Ministry of Culture, the film has not been publicly released in Iran for 11 years. It tells the story of an Iranian scientist involved in a promising biotechnology project who is dismayed to find that the government has stepped in to have it cancelled...
Inversion - Varoonegi (2016)
With fascinating insights into everyday life in Tehran, the film portrays the 'inversion" of a woman, and her mutiny against male domination. Tehran’s air pollution has reached maximum levels because of thermal inversion. Unmarried 30-something Niloofar lives with her aged mother, and stays busy with her..
This gentle and wholly satisfying two-character tale pairs Motamed-Aria, Iran’s internationally renowned star, with a precocious and highly appealing child actor. Set in an inner-city neighborhood of modern-day Tehran, Tala Motazedi’s screenplay opens with an introduction to Yahya...
Death of the Fish (2015)
Rouhollah Hejazi’s last installment in his trilogy, depicts the story of siblings who gather at the family house after their mother has passed away. Upon her death, she leaves a strange will requesting that her children keep her body in the house for 3 days and not to inform anybody from the relatives..
'Lantouri' (2016)
At its most basic level, this social drama is about lex talionis, the “eye for an eye” retaliation justice permitted by Islamic law, but it also references a whirlwind of themes, including Iran’s human-rights violations, the struggle for women’s’ rights..
Me (aka I) (2016)
In Soheil Beiraghi’s debut, Leila Hatami plays the force-of-nature queen of Tehran’s underground, a ruthless and enigmatic fixer, staying one step ahead of the law as she forges passports, moves illicit booze, and effortlessly emasculates a musical protégé..
Jubilation descends into trauma, when Akram’s long awaited engagement ceremony is darkened by the murder of her father by a member of the groom’s family...
Sound and Fury (Khashm Va Hayahoo) (2016)
‘Sound and Fury’ by Iranian filmmaker Houman Seyedi depicts the life of Khosro, a pop singer, who lives a hectic life with his wife Tina and his son. His life is further complicated when he becomes involved with a female fan...
At its core, this is (probably) a story about three men who go the remote, desertified Iranian island of Qeshm in 1965 to investigate, each in their own way, the aftermath of the suicide of a political prisoner...
Night Shift (2015)
Filmmaker and actress Niki Karimi turns to a social drama about a middle-class couple in trouble. Caught up in a downward economic spiral, which they disguise from each other. and the world with a web of lies, the story is meatier than Karimi’s other films...
'Wednesday, May 9' (2015)
Iran’s only representative at the 72nd Venice Film Festival, “Wednesday May 9” won Discovery of the Year and received the Golden Puffin in RIFF’s Award Ceremony 2015 in Reykjavík. Twelve films competed in the category New Visions, all debut or sophomore efforts from directors..
‘DAUGHTER’ • wins grand prize at MIFF (2016)
Based on a script by Mehran Kashani, Mirkarimi’s eighth feature film is about a family living in the southwestern city of Abadan, Iran, who is awaiting the proposal ceremony of the older daughter. Meanwhile, Setareh, the younger daughter, announces she is off to Tehran to say farewell to...
'I am Nasser Hejazi' (2015)
Directed by Nima Tabatabaei, the documentary looks at the life of the legendary Iranian Goalkeeper, Nasser Hejazi, in five episods narrated by Shahab Hosseini, Bahram Radan, Parviz Parastooie.. It topped box office sales in Iran's cinema and home videos in the seven-day period from May 21 to 27...
‘Nahid’ • Cannes Film Review
Temporary marriage, Iranian-style, takes center stage in director Ida Panahandeh's sensitive, well-acted and reasonably absorbing melodrama that adds another valuable voice to the cinematic chorus concerning the generally deplorable position of women in Islamic society...
What’s The Time In Your World? (2014)
On a sudden whim Goli decides to return to Iran after 20 years of living in France. She lands in Rasht, her home town, located in the north of the country. Farhad, a frame maker by trade, comes to welcome her. He seems to know her well, but the young woman has absolutely no recollection of him...
A Few Cubic Meters of Love (2014)
Afghanistan's foreign-language Oscar entry is an earnest but affecting social-issue drama. Set in a shantytown on the outskirts of Tehran where a factory owner employs a horde of illegal Afghan workers, “A Few Cubic Meters of Love” is an earnest but affecting social-issue drama centered on a forbidden relationship...
Crazy Face (Rokh Divaneh)
Crazy Face (Rokhe Divaneh) a film directed by Abolhassan Davoodi and produced by Bita Mansouri wins 5 awards including Best Film and Best Director at Iranian Fajr Film Fesstival. Crazy Face is about a few youngsters meeting on the web and involve in a betting that forces them to step in troubling, sophisticated paths ...
Coming 8th Annual Iranian Film Festival
San Francisco: September 26-27, 2015

Call for entries are open for the 8th Annual Iranian Film Festival – San Francisco.San Francisco – Iranian Film Festival, a showcase for the independent feature and short films made by or about Iranians from around the world, is inviting the filmmakers from all over the world to submit their films...
'Snow' (Barf): Shanghai Review
A sadly familiar and current family meltdown, Iranian style.
A solidly middle-class Tehran family sees its fortunes and status vanish overnight in Mehdi Rahmani’s Snow, a contemporary domestic drama rooted in the fragility of modern life as it is influenced by economics and appearances...
Arezoo and Amir-Hossein's life turns into a critical situation as they cannot have a child. There is just one solution, surrogate mother, for which Tahereh, Arezoo's close friend and colleague, can open a new horizon in the young couple's life...
Melbourne (2014)
Amir and Sara are a young couple on their way to Melbourne to continue their studies. However, just a few hours before the departure of their flight, they are unintentionally involved in a tragic event...
Today (2014)
Selected for Foreign-Language Oscar Consideration. Today is a profound testament to the enduring power of empathy and fellow feeling in an increasingly cruel and prejudicial world. With a pair of absorbing performances, Parastui and Golestani, draw the viewer gradually in, painting a highly sympathetic portrait of suffering...
Red Carpet (2014)
An Iranian man with high hopes of becoming a professional actor arrives in Can,France to meet Spielberg but his expectations and the reality are not so much alike. Reza Attaran, the director, actor and screenwriter of “Red Carpet” has said that he doesn’t intend to...
SNOW (2014)
Affluent in the past, destitute now, Vaziri family have a hard time to hide their present situation on the very day a suitor is coming from abroad to propose to their only daughter. Their house is mortgaged and the father is trying to solve his eldest son’s financial problems...
Meeting Leila (2012)
A romantic comedy of sorts, Meeting Leila features Leila Hatami (from A Separation), who plays a woman –a perfume tester– who is trying to get her fiancé to quit smoking.......
I’m Not Angry! (2014)
Iranian director Reza Dormishian’s social drama "I’m Not Angry!" (Asabani Nistam!) will be competing in the 64th Berlin International Film Festival. This film is an experience at close quarters of the powerlessness of a lost generation who feels robbed of its birthright, and whose protests come to nothing......
Tell Me of the Seas (2014)
A tale of two mothers and daughters, one imaginary (Roya and Darya), the other real (Azar and Nina) sharing a cell in prison. Roya is a young sketch artist who was arrested on the day her exhibit was to open in Tehran....
Sensitive Floor (2013)
A man buries his wife in a two-storey grave after she dies; but after a while he discovers that an unknown man is buried in the second floor of the grave.. This is the story of Bijan Kamali, a middle-aged man, facing some conflicts after his wife's death...
Lovable Trash (2013)
Lovable Trash is the story of an elderly woman who has one night to clear her house of any problematic items during the protests following the presidential elections of 2009...
Deep Breath (2003)
This wry, whimsical character study from Parvis Shahbazi may be the first cinematic account of the urban slacker phenomenon in Iran. Mansour Shahbazi and Saeed Amini play a couple of listless twentysomethings, each from opposite ends of the social spectrum but both equally bored with their constricted lives...
Trapped (2013)
This fascinating moral thriller is centered on the bristling relationship between two very different young women in contemporary Tehran. Nazanin (Nazanin Bayati) is a determined first year medical student. Since there is no free space in the university dorm and...
Actors Studio (2013)
The World Is Going To Change! Winner of Joury special award from 31st Fajr Film Festival. In an acting studio the impact of the recent social changes on family relationship is reconstructed and displayed; the main theme of the filmmaker, writer and producer Alireza Davoudnejad's latest film...
The Wooden Bridge (2012)
In the post election events, everything gets more complicated: Amir's sister, Aida, is arrested and his old love, Nazli, comes back to him after ten years. Wooden Bridge was a passage over the northern trench of old Tehran, connecting the capital to the countryside of...
I Am a Mother (2012)
I Am a Mother tells the story of a young woman raped by a man who is a close friend of her parents. She kills the man in revenge for the offense, then her mother claims she was the murderer in order to save her daughter from qisas, the Islamic law of equal retaliation in punishment...
The Sinners | Gonahkaran (2012)
Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one. A beautiful, independent woman returning home after seven years in the US meets a violent end on the streets of Tehran in this tightly-plotted Iranian film noir reminiscent of the dark and stylish films of David Fincher....
Hush! Girls don't Scream (2013)
Iranian film director, Pouran Derakhshandeh, tackles the issue of pedophilia. Shirin has two unsuccessful experience in marriage. In her third engagement, she faces with a psychological crisis and tries to get rid of it by reminding her dark days in childhood...
Watch The Tree of Life | Derakht-e Jaan (1998)
The Four Seasons Chronicle of a tribe's struggle for survival in a climatically harsh part of Iran. Within the context of a love story, the film presents a panorama of birth, growth and death, of beliefs and rites of this splendid tribe....
One Line of Reality (2012)
The career of a journalist couple, Kasra and Forough is endangered in the aftermath of political and social changes, which have led to the closure of many Iranians journals. They publish a cultural-literary weekly magazine, however they are facing several problems which discourage them to carry on the job...
The Rule of Accident (2013)
The Rule of Accident is about a group of theatre students who are trying to prepare and present a piece of theatre. "The Rule of Accident", an Iranian family drama, has won the Crystal Simorgh for best film in the international section of the 31st Fajr International Film Festival...
Snow on the Pines (2013)
Married life of Rouya and Ali falls into a crisis after 13 years. Now Rouya should continue her life with new conditions. In this proceeding she reaches to a new understanding of life. The family drama “Snow on the Pines” was among the big winners at the Iranian Film Critics...
Hatred (2012)
Zhaleh and Hamed are two youngsters from the third generation of Iranian immigrants who have settled down in another country against their will. Their families who find Iran’s living conditions unsuitable, take refuge in Turkey in order to ...
My Mother’s Home, Lagoon (2001)
Like Hiroshi Teshigahara's Woman in the Dunes, 67-year-old Kobra battles the elements on a lagoon in Iran to eke out a living for herself and her 100-year-old invalid mother. Even on New Year's day she is out in her rowboat before dawn...
It's a Dream - In Yek Royast (2012)
Roya is a resourceful young woman who is juggling with loans to pay back a large debt. With her gift of the gab and her determination to fight her way out, she finds herself at the top of a small ponzi scheme that promises to be lucrative, but very soon the mechanism seizes up and a sense of control gives way to anxiety...
Seven Acts (2000)
Four young men: an English teacher whose relationship with his girlfriend is going to break, because of his financial problems, a clerck whose brother with a incurable disease makes him many troubles, a philosophy student whose poorly life is dominated by an ironic nihilism and...
By No Reason (2012)
A couple are moving in to a house with a lot of boxes to start their married life, but the former residents are still there with their wrapped up furniture and boxes too!
Stories | Ghesse-ha (2012)
Bani-E’temad, one of the best female filmmakers in the country, follows the story of her films’ characters after nearly two decades. Socially conscious and bitter, without losing continuity...
The Last Step (2012)
In director Ali Mosaffa’s psychological story, his wife in real life, Leila Hatami, pretty much plays herself – a beautiful and gifted Iranian film star. But the male focus of the story is the heroine’s recently deceased husband Koshrow, who becomes the somewhat unreliable narrator of a playful...
Painting Pool (2012)
Mariam and Reza are different from other people; this difference is not a simple matter but is a very important one. They should try to show other people that they have solved this big problem with the magic of love. "Painting Pool" is ??Maziar Miri's latest movie after Felicity Land ...
Rhino Season - Fasle Kargadan (2012)
A film by Bahman Ghobadi dedicated to the memory of Saneh Jaleh, an Iranian-Kurdish student who was killed in the February 14, 2011 demonstrations in Iran, as well as Farzad Kamangar, an Iranian-Kurdish teacher who was executed that year for alleged political activities...
Modest Reception (2012)
Modest Reception is a film both farcical and full of anger that continues in a Beckettian vein. Its desolate location seems to have come from another world, peopled by characters that appear either uprooted or merely passing through...
Duet (2006)
In September 2001 when the world was in shock by the attacks on the World Trade Center, in another part of the world, in a peaceful and mountainside area of Iran, a retired and paralyzed soldier of Iran-Iraq war is struggling to bring peace to the world in a miraculous way...
20 Fingers (2004)
A film in several episodes with Bijan Daneshmand and Mania Akbari, whose feature-length directorial debut, is an incisive eye-opening film about gender relations in contemporary Iran. Each scene consists of a 10-minute, one-shot dialogue between two characters...
A Respectable Family (2012)
Arash is an Iranian academic who lives in the West. He returns to Iran to teach in Shiraz, a city far from Teheran where his mother lives. Drawn into a series of domestic and financial dramas, he is reminded of the hardships of his childhood at the start of the Iran-Iraq War in 1981...
Africa (2012)
Three young men who by coercion and neglect has been pulled out to the crime, end up in a dead end and decides to take a common mission. Meanwhile a girl comes into their lives and this would have a crucial impact on their fate...
From Tehran to London (2012)
Mania Akbari starts shooting a film titled "Women Do Not Have Breasts". It is a story about a couple by the name of Ava and Ashkan who live in a beautiful house located in the outskirts of the city with their caretaker couple, Maryam and Rahim...
Watch "For a Moment, Freedom (2009)"
For a Moment, Freedom is a highly political and truthful film which liberates the fate of refugees from the anonymity of newsreels. It is a moving plea for the right of every person to a life of self-determination. For a Moment Freedom tells its different stories without pointing the moral finger...
Facing Mirrors (2011)
Facing Mirrors is the first Iranian film ever with a transgender protagonist, but even apart from that worthy achievement, it is a fine film in its own right, with skillfully drawn characters and an engaging story. Unquestionably a Must-See film for all audiences...
A Respectable Family (2012)
Arash is an Iranian academic who lives in the West. He returns to Iran to teach in Shiraz, a city far from Teheran where his mother lives. Drawn into a series of domestic and financial dramas, he is reminded of the hardships of his childhood at the start of the Iran-Iraq War in 1981...
The winner of the Berlinale special ‘Cinema fairbindet’ award is an outstanding anti-war film. Making wondrous use of classic fantasy elements (the climax unfolds in a misty, magical forest), Wind & Fog is humanist filmmaking at its most affecting...
Parviz (2012)
Parviz is a man in his fifties who has lived his entire life in his father’s home and never held a job. His days are spent in doing housework for his father and chores for the people of the residential complex in which they live...
Rainy Seasons (2010)
Watch an interview with Majid Barzegar
Set in the rarely seen world of Iranian middle class youth, this is a gritty urban drama of modern teenage life in Teheran today. Sina, a 16-year-old teenager from Teheran’s middle class, experiences a new life on the verge of his parents’ divorce...
Kissing the Moon-Like Face (2012)
Homayoun Assadian gives us a film that speaks with deep knowledge of the long, ineradicable scars of war, of Iran today, and of loss and friendship. Two elderly women, friends and neighbours for decades, both had their sons go MIA in the Iran-Irag War many years ago…
Hatred (2012)
Zhaleh and Hamed are two youngsters from the third generation of Iranian immigrants who have settled down in another country against their will. Their families who find Iran’s living conditions unsuitable, take refuge in Turkey in order to ...
The Paternal House (2012)
Eighty-five years ago, for some moral issues, a man together with his young son, kills his own daughter and buries her at the basement of their house. The hidden grave would create a connection between subsequent generations of the family...
Please Don't Disturb (2010)
The film is set in contemporary Tehran, and portrays the city life in three distinctive episodes of sentiment, sensitivity and wit. In the first story, we see a young woman who has been beaten by her husband. The woman is about to complain legally, but the husband is concerned about his job and the embarrassment...
Watch We Are Half of Iran's Population (2009)
A Unique Journey Into The Heart & Soul of Iranian Culture
Three months before Iran's presidential elections Iranian women's rights activists are filmed posing their questions to the ten candidates and three of them discuss their opinions after watching the film...
A Respectable Family (2012)
Arash is an Iranian academic who lives in the West. He returns to Iran to teach in Chiraz, a city far from Tehran where his mother lives. Drawn into a series of domestic and financial dramas, he is reminded of the hardships of his childhood at the start of the Iran-Iraq War in 1981...
Absolutely Tame As a Horse (2011)
Kahani depicts a new facet of the Iranian urban life in Absolutely Tame As a Horse. This bitter film is about homeless people who have no haven in a big city. The life of a few young people is told from the viewpoint of a police officer who...
Death is My Profession (2011)
"Death is My Profession" is about the struggle of people who have to accept any work offered to survive in a neglected society.The young Amir Saghafi delivers a surprisingly mature and stylish feature debut with 'Death is My Profession'...
Final Whistle (2011)
As in her previous films, and more assertive perhaps, Niki Karimi delivers a strong story, filmed in a hurry, camera in hand, as in hiding, even if the result is somewhat chaotic. Niki Karimi plays herself the role of Sahar, a director of documentaries for television...
Watch O.K. Mister (1978)
OK MISTER is one of the most bizarre films ever made in Iran - especially as a comedy. Actually there are very few good comedies in the entire history of Iranian, for a very understandable reason. Comedies are usually concerned with criticizing personalities...
Here Without Me (2011)
The story is about the world of a small family with familiar dreams and not so remarkable problems. The mother is trying to lead everything to save her family, but small events disarrange all her plans...
Earthbound (2008)
Watch the Censored clip
The story line in this film is about a poet-painter Bahman Namdar (Reza Kianian) who had moved back to his ancestral home in Kurdestan to get away from all the complicated relationships in the capital city of Iran ,Tehran...
Salve (2011)
A sickly but devoted old woman, Aziz, tries to help her granddaughter Maryam, a skittish addict, to survive in Teheran’s tortured underground. Beaten by her father with a belt, Maryam hastens to escape her strict household...
Wind Blows in the Meadow (2009)
Shooka, a spirited, hardworking girl from an Iranian mountain village is to be married in an arranged marriage. Shokrollah, her neighbor with Down syndrome, has been head over heels in love with Shooka since they were children, and so ...
Watch Poet of the wastes (2005)
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

Available only in persian
With a spare, conceptual screenplay by Mohsen Makhmalbaf, the grandfather of Iranian cinema, comes a remarkable debut from director Mohammad Ahmadi. This is an unusual fare from Tehran: a film whose intent is to steer absolutely clear of political commentary...
A Cube of Sugar (2011)
The story happens in an old family house in an old city of Iran. The silence of the house is broken with the arrival of some guests. Because of the wedding of the youngest sister in the family, Pasandide, her four elder sisters come to their old family house to help their mother...
Good Bye - Be Omid E Didar (2011)
Be Omid e Didar is a subtly intelligent film about repression and desire for freedom in Iran. It is astonishing that Mohammad Rasoulof, who is convicted to prison and banned from working, could get permission to shoot this film because of its extremely critical content ...
Watch A Separation (2011)

Simin wants to leave Iran with her husband Nader and daughter Termeh. She has already made all the necessary arrangements. Nader, however, is having second thoughts. He is worried about leaving behind his father, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s...
Goodbye Tehran - Khodahafez Tehran (1966)
A girl ("Dokhtar") who loved her young master never dared to disclose her love to him due to her being blind. When the young master returns from a journey to Europe with his new foreign wife, she loses all her hopes. From then on she spends all her love on the nursing profession until the war breaks out and ...
O.K. Mister (1978)
OK MISTER is one of the most bizarre films ever made in Iran - especially as a comedy. Actually there are very few good comedies in the entire history of Iranian, for a very understandable reason. Comedies are usually concerned with criticizing personalities, and the red lines and limits imposed by either government or society...
Iran’s Green Summer (2010)
Remember the protests and brutal violence which shook post-election Iran in the summer of 2009? This is a documentary composed of real footage and animated scenes, with much of the film narrated by bloggers who experienced the protests. Demonstrations began as a call for fair elections in which...
Ashkan, The charmed ring and other stories (2009)
A police officer who is unhappily in love with a cashier, a sculptor who dreams of emigrating, a young man who constantly tries to commit suicide, and, in the midst of it all, two blind jewellery thieves, who are about to make the heist of their lives...
Gold and Copper (2011)
A tough Islamic mullah-in-training must deal with real-worldly issues when his wife is bedridden with multiple sclerosis. In Iran this is a startling a reversal of gender roles... Seyed Reza has just moved with his family to Tehran so he can study the Koran, and he relies on his lovely wife Zahra...
A day of the life of an Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi, before the celebration of the new Iranian year (NORUZ). This Is Not a Film, was reported to be smuggled to the Croisette via a cake from Iran...
Report of a Party (2011)
"Report of a party" is a film about a society's inflamed matters and focuses on the problems of young people as one of contemporary iranian society's dominant crises. "Report of a Party" is a critical look at the June 2009 elections...
Nader and Simin, a Separation (2011)
Simin wants to leave Iran with her husband Nader and daughter Termeh. She has already made all the necessary arrangements. Nader, however, is having second thoughts. He is worried about leaving behind his father, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s...

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