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Birth name
Parvin Kheirbakhsh
Date of Birth
     26 August 1937, Bandar Anzali, Iran

Parvin Kheirbakhsh (August 26, 1937, Bandar Anzali, Iran)

Parvin Kheirbakhsh, best known as Forouzan, born 1937 in Bandar Anzali, in northern part of Iran, is an Iranian veteran actress and dubber.

She began her career as dubber and narrator of iranian films in 1962 and continued it until 1965.

Forouzan played her first starring role in 1963 film "Waiting's Beach" directed by Siamak Yasami and  has been active in the film industry until 1977.

She is mostly known for her role in Yasami's 1965 famous movie Croesus’ Treasure (Ganj-e-Qarun).

The only so called New Wave movie in which Forouzan appeard was The Cycle (Dayeyerh Mina) directed by Dariush Mehrjui, although she also played in movies made by filmmakers like Ali Hatami, Fereidoon Gole and Shapur Gharib, all belonging to the so called Third Wave iranian cinema.

In 1969 she won Best Actress price for "The Strait of Dragon" (by Siamak Yasami) in the first SEPAS Film Festival​​.

After the 1979 Islamic Revolution she was banned from acting, and was not seen on screen ever since.

Forouzan with M. A. Jafari in "Waiting's Beach"

She has never ever been present at any artistic events or among her fans, as it is supposed to be in accordance with her own wish, just as she has never allowed any applicant to interview her or anybody to take pictures of her in any occasion.


1978 Dayereh mina 
1977 Posht o khanjar 
1972 Deshne 
1972 Ghalandar 
1971 Ayyoob 
1971 Baba Shamal
1971 Badnaam
1970 Aroos-e Bianca
1970 Raghaseye shahr
1969 Maleke Doozakh
1969 Büyük yemin 
1969 Emshab dokhtari mimirad
1968 Basatrhaye jodagane 
1968 Bazi-e eshgh 
1968 Charkh-E-Bazigar 
1968 Dokhtar-e shaah-e parian 
1968 Ghoroube botparastan 
1968 Tange ejdeha 
1966 Farar az haghighat 
1966 Hashem khan 
1966 Shamsi pahlevoon
1965 Croesus’ Treasure | Ganj-e Qarun
1965 Aruse darya 
1965 Darvazehe taghdir 
1964 Lezzate gonah 
1964 Ensanha

Selected works of Forouzan

1976   The Cycle - Dayereh Mina (1976)
1972   Ghalandar (1972)
1972   Deshne (1972)
1971   Baba Shamal (1971) (Musical)
1970   Dancer of City - Raghaseye shahr (1970)
1969   Malek Doozakh (1969)
1965   Croesus’ Treasure | Ganj-e Gharun (1965)

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