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Karimi, Niki

Karimi, Niki

Date of birth
     10 November 1971, Tehran, Iran

Mini biography

Niki Karimi (November 10, 1971, Tehran, Iran)

Niki Karimi was born and raised in Tehran. She participated in theatrical work while she was in elementary school.

Her hobby of reading and watching movies from an early age inspired her to become an actress. Her talent as an actress was found by the famous Iranian actor Jamshid Gorgin, while she was playing a role in a school play.

She loves translating and in 1999 she released her first translation work, Marlon Brando's biography Songs My Mother Taught Me in to Persian.

Niki is now an actress in Iran who has won several awards both at home and internationally.

She has also recently been in the jury for such festivals as the Locarno International Film Festival and Thessaloniki International Film Festival and berlin film festival and also the 60th Cannes Film Festival.

In 2001 with Abbas Kiarostami as the producer she directed To have or not to have, a documentary about infertility. Her efforts won her first award as a director in "The Rain" festival in Iran.

In an interview at the Cannes Film Festival, where her motion picture directorial debut One Night was nominated, she said that acting no longer satisfies her and she would like to direct more movies.


Niki has starred in over 20 movies in Iran, and has recently begun to direct her own.

 As director

2011  Final Whistle - Soote payan 
2006  A few days later (Script won the Rotterdam festivals Hubert Bals Fund)
2005  One Night (Nominated in the Cannes film festival)
2003  To Have or Not to Have 

 As an actress 

Temptation Jamshid Heidari 1989
The Bride Behrooz Afkhami 1990
The Footsteps of the Wolf Masoud Kimiaii 1991
Sara Darioush Mehrjouii 1992
Pari Darioush Mehrjouii 1993
Sent of Josef's shirt Ebrahim Hatamikia 1994
Shadow-by-Shadow Ali Zhekan 1995
Minoo's Tower Ebrahim Hatamikia 1995
Pshyco Darioush Farhang 1997
Takhti Behrouz Afkhami 1997
Two Woman Tahmineh Milani 1998
The Actor Mohammad ali Sajadi 1998
The Apple of Eve Saiid Asadi 1998
The Waiting Girls Rahman Rezai 1998
The Burned Generation Rassoul Molagholipour 1999
Thousand Woman Like Me Reza Karimi 1999
The Hidden Half Tahmineh Milani 2000
One Flew over Cuckoo’s Nes Ahmad Reza Motamedi 2001
Gone with the Wind Sadra Abdollahi 2002
The Fifth Reaction Tahmineh Milani 2002
Ransom Farzad Motamen 2003

As a screen writer

Year  Title
2005  Escape
2001  Auto stop
2000  To Have or Not to Have

 As a translator

Year  Title
2005  Intimacy by Hanif Kureishi
1999  Songs My Mother Taught Me by Marlon Brando, Robert Lindsey

 As a film critic

2007  Member of Jury at Berlin Film Festival
2006  Head of Jury at Reykjavik International Film Festival
2005  Member of Jury at Locarno International Film Festival
2005  Member of Jury at Thessaloniki Film Festival


2001  Best Actress, Cairo International Film Festival
1993  Silver Seashell, San Sebastian Film Festival
1992  Best Actress, Nantes Film Festival


Director - Selected filmography

  1. Final Whistle - Soote payan (2011)
  2. A Few Days Later... (2006)
  3. One Night - Yek shab (2005)

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